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If you are teaching the japanese tea ceremony in Japan, America, or any other country, you can submit your contact information and let new students know how to find you. Your contact information will be placed on this page, for classes in Japan. There is a NEW page for classes in the USA & Canada. All other countries' classes can be found on the miscellaneous classes page.

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Teachers and Classes Information

Teacher Name: Mia
Type of School: Omotesenke
E-mail address: [email protected]
Country: Japan
Prefecture: Tokyo or Ibaraki pref.
Town/ City: Tokyo or Tsukuba city

Short description:

Teacher Name: Sousei Taniguchi
Type of School: Urasenke
E-mail address: [email protected]
Country: Japan
State/ Province/ Prefecture: Tokyo
Town/ City: Suginami-ku

Short description: The characteristics of Sosei’s Tea Ceremony lessons focus on Chaji, which is a formal tea gathering. A student does the Sumi-demae (procedure for adding charcoal to the fire) in each lesson. They study not only tea making preparation procedures but also how to use the Tsukubai (stone basin), enter the tea-ceremony room through the Nijiriguchi (small crawl through opening), etc. Classes for beginners as well as advanced students wishing for Urasenke School certification and training leading to teaching credentials are offered.
Lessons are held three times a month, on Saturday or Sunday. Days for lessons are decided at the students’ request the previous month.
Monthly tuitions are 4,000 yen for the once a month course, 6,000 yen for the twice a month course and 8,000 yen for the three times a month course.

Optional information: Sosei Taniguchi is Japanese and has 30 years experience with Chado. She obtained the artistic tea name of Sosei and the associate professor status from the 15th generation Urasenke Grand Tea Master. She is taking the seminar for 4 years for professors at the Urasenke Tokyo Branch.
She speaks English and French, although not fluently. There are French students in her classes.

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