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Read about how the Japanese Tea Ceremony was established over more than a thousand of years.

There are various ways to prepare a bowl of tea, basic winter and summer preparations are explained here in short.

 Preparation Summer (Furo)
Basic preparation of a bowl of tea in summer explained her in full detail.
 Preparation Winter (Ro)
Basic preparation of a bowl of tea in winter explained her in full detail.
 Steps to finish Furo in summer
Finish the Tea ceremony in case of Furo (summer)

 Charcoal Procedure
During preparation of tea, a set ritual of changing the charcoal is explained her in detail.

After the great master Sen no Rikyu, three of his grandsons continued practicing the Tea Ceremony by establishing their own schools.

 Etiquette for Guest
Learn how to attend a Tea Ceremony as a guest.

 Room Setup
The smallest details are considered when the host is preparing for a tea ceremony.

A full Tea Ceremony consists of thick green-tea, followed by a traditional meal and thin green-tea.

 Chashitsu Tea Rooms
Many styles and sizes of rooms for the Tea Ceremony are being used.

 Tatami Flooring
Japanese traditional woven bamboo flooring is always used during traditional Temae.

 Tea Houses
Around Japan there are many beautiful tea houses which were designed and build by famous tea masters.

 Tea garden
Carefully designed gardens lead the path to the tea room.

 Basic Utensils
glossary of the basic tea utensils needed to perform the Tea Ceremony.

 Tea Equipment

 Tea House
Glossary and terms of parts and places in as well as around the tea house.

Glossary and terms of parts and objects in the tea garden.

 Types of Ceremony
Glossary of the various types of Tea Ceremony.

 For Charcoal Procedure
Glossary of utensils and material used during the Charcoal Procedure.

 For Guests and host
Glossary of items the host and guest carry with them during the Temae.

Glossary of objects used as decoration.

A list of polite language used for communication between the host and guests as well as between guests.

 Ceremony, Process
Glossary of parts, processes, and people related to Temae.

detailed description of the kitchen which is located next to or near the tea room for the host to prepare utensils and other equipment before starting the tea ceremony.

 Ranking System
All the utensils get their share of attetion and care according to their rank.

 Selecting/ Combining
Much thought and care goes into selecting and combining utensils and objects for the Tea Ceremony.

A little history, varieties, and utensils made of ceramics.

 Hanging scroll
It's picture or writing give subtle hints as to what theme that unique tea meeting is held.

 Tea Chronology
From drinking green-tea in China thousands of years ago to current Iemotos in Japan.

Words, phrases, idioms, and expressions written in Chinese characters using a brush and ink.

 Green Tea
Origin and usage of the leaves of a green tea plant (Camellia sinensis).

 Essays on Tea
Links to essays for further reading.

Varieties and names of typical Japanese candy, cakes, and cookies used for the tea ceremony.

 Flower arrangement
The art of flower arranging has to be studied in order to properly hold a tea meeting.

Founder or grand master of a certain school of art. Used to describe both people and a system of familial generations in traditional Japanese arts.

 Tea Ceremony Classes
Search here for links and contact information if you wish to attend tea ceremony classes out side of Japan.

Proper behaviour and attire when attending a tea ceremony.

Samurai have greatly infuenced the way tea ceremony is performed today.

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