Japanese tea ceremony Videos

There are quite a few movies of the Japanese tea ceremony on the web these days, on this page you'll find the most interesting and useful ones. Some videos will explain certain details or parts of the Japanese tea ceremony and some actually show the actual tea ceremony being performed. But don't get the wrong impression that the tea ceremony is an event that is finished in a few minutes time, an actual full tea ceremony called Chaseki would take little over two hours to complete. Secondly, witnessing the real Japanese tea ceremony is a completely different experience which one can not get from watching these videos and movies.

Video/Movie: Japanese tea ceremony Casual Style

In this six minute movie two people explain in short the history of the Japanese tea ceremony. Then, while showing some of the Japanese tea ceremony utensils, they show how to prepare a casual cup of Japanese green tea. (The actual preparation of tea would take much longer.) Maybe interesting for those who do not own specific utensils but wish to give a little extra flavor to their powdered green tea.

Video/Movie: The Japanese tea ceremony

This movie of the Japanese tea ceremony shows how the Chawan and eventually the cup of tea is prepared during the japanese tea ceremony. The comments you hear during the video are quite correct. The Chashitsu or tea house looks very authentic but I doubt if the location is actually in Japan.

Video/Movie: Japanese tea ceremony at Koken

This is a great video which shows the tea ceremony performed by someone with great experience. The preparation of a Chawan with green tea is shown completely from beginning (purifying the utensils) untill the end by replenishing the Kama with fresh cold water. My feeling is however that she moves a little too quick during the preparation part. Usually the first half of purifying and preparing is done slower than the second half during which the utensils are cleaned. but never the less a great short movie.


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