Selection process for utensils

The process of selecting utensils should take quite some time. Utensils selected for use should enhance the theme of the tea gathering but should not reduce attention to one another. So the colors and materials should be selected in a way that they stand out instead of overlap each other.

During spring season in which the Sakura or Cherry tree blossoms, we will often see the blossom depicted on the Natsume and the Kakejiku or hanging scroll. In addition the Kashi or sweets served before drinking tea will have the colors and or shape of the same blossom. Since these items will not appear next to each other, selecting the blossom design would be fine. But in case the Mizusashi has a Cherry blossom design, the Natsume which is placed nearby should not have that design. Same story with the Hanging scroll with a flower pattern, should not have the same flowers placed in the Hanaire or flower vase under it.

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